E-Marketing in Minneapolis David Vinge, eMarketing Dashboard : Recommendations


Liz Sheridan Rammer

"David is highly recommended as a website analyst, teacher and implementer. David did an excellent job of identifying where the LifeScience Alley website was missing opportunities for search engine optimization. He thoroughly reviewed our site and helped us prioritize where we should spend our time and effort in areas such as keywords and metatags. He was great at teaching us how to make the changes ourselves as well as what to look for in new social media opportunities that can help us maximize our reach with just an investment of our time. He is a great resource for small to mid-sized companies with no IT/web expert in-house and has made a very positive difference for our website."
Liz Sheridan Rammer, Executive Vice President, LifeScience Alley
Kristina Frazier-Henry

"David was always at the forefront of web strategy for our company. Not only was he was our #1 advocate for best practices and quality standards, but he also was a pioneer in implementing the appropriate technologies which supported what was best for the business."
Kristina Frazier-Henry, PMP, Former Director - Sales Marketing Customer Engineering IT, Cummins, Inc.

Brad Allen

"David is a very creative and grounded e-marketing consultant who brings real world needs and results to life on the web. I was lucky to have met him and would not hesitate to hire him again or recommend him to others."
Brad Allen, Editor & Publisher at RiskRewardNews

"David has provided invaluable service to our company. His exhaustive knowledge of web site design and SEO made it possible for us to relaunch our web presence and actually stand out among our peers. What sets him apart is his desire to learn all that he can about his clients. Rather than providing a cookie cutter solution he uses his expertise to tailor the solution to the needs of his clients."
Russ Landes, Chief Executive Officer at Advanced Data Systems

Jaye Lawrence
"I've had the pleasure of working with David at three different companies, and I would give him the highest marks professionally--both for his broad knowledge of marketing and advertising, and for his specialized knowledge of all aspects of e-marketing. David is tireless about keeping up with the latest technology and e-marketing trends, and he has a unique talent for looking beyond the technological bells and whistles to understand how it all fits into an integrated marketing campaign."
Jaye Lawrence, Director of Web Communications and Development at Carleton College
Former, Web Content Manager at Cummins Power Generation
Former, Account Executive/Web Writer at Colle & McVoy
Former, Interactive Account Executive Campbell Mithun
April Brancamp
"David is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Web. I lead a Web group across the company and consistently would consult with David about agendas and topics to present to the group. David conducted a workshop with the group getting everyone updated on best practices and Web standards. He was tireless in his efforts to bring Cummins up-to-speed with the Web. I went to David whenever I needed to bounce ideas off of him or needed his expertise. Many times I heard people in the company refer to him as our Web guru. I would highly recommend David, his work ethic, his wealth of knowledge and integrity."
April Brancamp, Communications Manager, Corporate Communications, Cummins Inc.
Kelly Larson
"David is a very dedicated at his craft. I actively sought him out and recruited him to come to Cummins, where he spearheaded our SEO/SEM initiatives when most companies had no clue to the importance of those strategies. He is a seasoned veteran at driving revenue via emarketing strategies and would be an amazing asset to any corporation seeking to growth via the Internet."
Kelly Larson, Vice President - eCommerce & Enterprise Architecture, Deluxe Corporation
Former, Director eCommerce/Marketing Communications, Cummins Power Generation