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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mahalo is a Human-Powered Search Engine

Mahalo is a search engine powered by people rather than algorithms. It is trying to create organized, comprehensive, and spam free search results for the most popular search terms. Think of it as a cross between a wiki and Google.
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According to Mahalo, "Our results contain everything you need to know about a topic and are organized into sections to help you quickly find what you need. For example, our travel pages for cities contain sections on basics (weather, current events, maps, history), flights, vacation packages, transportation, activities, attractions, events, tours, hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife, and local blogs. "

It was launched during the summer of 2007, with the initial goal of creating human-generated search results pages for the top 50,000 search terms on the Web. Not sure who determines what the top search terms are but Mahalo editors and users have already created over 25,000 pages.

One of the unique features of Mahalo is that you can enter comments into a discussion forum about an entry where editors can view, reply and/or react to your comments. the strength of Mahalo will be dependent on the diligence of the editors to prevent the problems that are more common on WikiPedia.

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