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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Microsites As An SEO Option

There's a time and place for creating a microsite, versus further building out your main Web site. If your site is likely to gain more traction and interest with webmasters and bloggers by being at an arm's length from your main site, then by all means consider it.

For example, Funroads.com is a microsite targeted to recreational vehicle enthusiasts which contains not only articles, but related advertising. Being that it is an arms-length away from the owner, Cummins Onan, the site has gained more links than would a series of articles hosted in the RV section found on CumminsOnan.com. Funroads.com still has many links, banners and other references to Cummins Onan RV products but they are disguised as general content. Because Funroads.com appears to be a neutral site is the only commercial site linked to from the main industry site GoRVing.com.

Realize though that, with a microsite, you're giving up something. Content that is integrated into your main site will get to "ride on the coattails" of the credibility, authority, history, etc. that your site has established over the years. Whereas a new microsite on a brand new domain may take a while to catch on with the search engines and potential link partners.

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