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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whitehouse Using Social Media To Survey Small Businesses

The White House wants to know: What are the most important issues for small businesses when it comes to health care? Christina Romer, the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, turned to LinkedIn to seek feedback from the 12 million LinkedIn users who own or work at a small business.

The Council of Economic Advisers in the White House released a new report, The Economic Effects of Health Care Reform on Small Businesses and Their Employees which highlights the essential role of small businesses in our economy and calls for health care reform to reduce the burdens that the current system place on them.

LinkedIn visitors are invited to read the report then post feedback, comments, questions, or objections to the question, “What are your experiences with health care as somebody involved in small business, and what are your thoughts and questions on the new CEA report in light of those experiences?” on LinkedIn.

Christina Romer will respond to some of the postings as chosen by LinkedIn, in a live video online discussion at WhiteHouse.gov on Wednesday, July 29th, at 3:00 PM EDT.

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