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Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Brands Should Use Twitter

Razorfish just released a report called “Fluent: The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report”. The entire report is a wealth of information on social media and its impact on purchase decisions and advertising.

The closing pages of the report includes a section on "Ten Ways to Make the Twitterverse Work for Your Brand" which includes the following advice:
  1. Become familiar with Twitter by reviewing, or following, the activities of successful brands such as Dell (dell.com/twitter), Zappos (twitter.com/zappos) and Comcast (twitter.com/
  2. Listen to what is already being said on Twitter about your brand.
  3. Identify initial objectives for using Twitter, including what would qualify as a Twitter success
story for your brand.
  4. Look into competitive activities and potential legal considerations, especially if there is already
a Twitter account that uses your brand’s name or other intellectual property associated with it.
  5. Use the findings to decide on the appropriate opportunity such as offers or community
building, tone of voice and method of engagement—that may be right for your brand.
  6. Since Twitter is an ongoing activity—even if your company is only listening in—dedicate a
resource to monitor the conversations and competitors.
  7. Map out a plan for the content you will share, including valuable initial content to pique
user interest.
  8. Integrate your Twitter account throughout your marketing experience, by embedding it as a
feed on the company Web site, including its URL in communications and so forth.
  9. Maintain momentum by following everyone who follows you, responding to queries and joining
in conversations without being too marketing oriented.
  10. Provide ongoing direct value through your tweets by continuing to listen, learn and fine-tune
your Twitter activities.
Note that they reccomend, and I agree, that Twitter needs to be an integrated part of a companies social media landscape.

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