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Friday, November 13, 2009

Xbox 360 Gets More Social - Adds Twitter and Facebook

Notices just went out to Xbox LIVE subscribers that there will be a mandatory Xbox LIVE service update on November 17.  LIVE allows players to play Xbox games against real players in addition to bots.

The update will allow subscribers to read and post "Tweets" on Twitter and share real-time status updates and photos with friends on Facebook.

Microsoft is also adding MSN News and with Zune you can watch movies and TV shows in HD streaming video "with no downloads and no delays." So that you never have to leave your TV, you will also be able to tailor your own radio station with Last.FM.

I suppose that next they will have one-click pizza ordering.

Read more at  Xbox.com


Anonymous said...

Microsoft just banned as many as a million players from Xbox Live for altering their consoles in order to play pirated versions of games. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10395265-52.html

I suppose Microsoft marketing will let these "pirates" back on to keep up the subscriber base.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft says social media is a big hit on its Xbox 360 console, noting that 2 million users logged on to Facebook using the console last week. Last.fm has been especially successful, gaining a million new subscribers through the game console. The company also says that 1.7 million users have checked out the console's Zune marketplace feature.