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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marketers Investing Heavily in Social Media in 2010

The seventh annual survey on marketing investments was released today by integrated marketing services provider Alterian.

The survey covered 1068 marketing professionals - 98% in North America and Europe and 2% in Asia Pacific and other regions.

Results highlights
  • 66 percent of respondents will be investing in social media marketing (SMM) in 2010.
  • Amoung those planning to invest, 40 percent said they would be shifting more than a fifth of their traditional direct marketing budget towards funding their SMM activities.
  • More than a third (36 percent) of respondents are investing in social media monitoring and analysis tools.
  • Nearly half of respondents (42%) said they don’t currently incorporate clickstream and web analytics data into their customer and e-mail database.
  • The research also found that over half of respondents (51 percent) are placing a ‘fair’ or ‘significant’ amount of effort on moving from a campaign-centric direct marketing model towards multichannel customer engagement – in fact only 7 percent make no effort at all.
 Note that these results were compiled by a company that sells support services for social media marketing.
Get a copy of the full report of the Alterian Annual Survey results.

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