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Sunday, January 3, 2010

SEO Tip - Benefiting From Multiple Domains

How can you best utilize multiple domains to benefit your main Web site?

For example, you have a Web site called colorfulanimals.com. You have also collected domains that each describe a different parts of your business that appeal to different people. They could be greendogs.com, redcats.com and bluebirds.com.

How can you best use these domains to benefit your main site without diluting your SEO values or confusing your target audience?

If you want to avoid the time and expense of creating distinctly different sites for each domain - with no duplicate content - then use 301 permanent redirects. The redirects should point each domain to the appropriate section of your main site.

These targeted keyword rich domains can then be used for off site promotion:
  • links in appropriate directories
  • links in paid search ads
  • links in social media postings
  • links in online yellow pages
  • links in print ads
If the redirect points to a specific sub-page remember to update this redirect if you change your page addresses. Or to be safe, redirect to the main domain and provide clear navigation to each section on the home page.

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