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Thursday, July 1, 2010

JPG Still Leads as Top Display Ad Format

comScore has introduced the Ad Metrix Creative Summary report. The report shows that JPG display ads led the market with more than 42 percent of impressions in the U.S., while “leaderboard” banner ads (728 x 90 pixels) were the most commonly viewed display ad.

“We’ve witnessed a strong resurgence in the display ad market over the past several months, with the number of impressions up 15 percent vs. year ago and average CPMs also continuing to rise,” said Jeff Hackett, comScore senior vice president.


Display Ad Creative by Format
In April, nearly 60 percent of U.S. display ad impressions were of the standard GIF/JPG variety.  JPGs accounted for 42.4 percent of ad impressions, while GIFs accounted for 14.1 percent. Flash and rich media ads combined to represent 40.3 percent of all display ads viewed.

Flash Ads can include animation, click-through functionality, and various levels of interactivity. Rich Media Ads offer high interactivity and in-page video units, expandable/retractable units, floating units or between-the-page units.

Display Ad Creative by Size
The display ad market has similar representation among the most common ad formats, with banners accounting for 23.1 percent of impressions, followed closely by rectangles (22.7 percent) and non-standard units (22.1 percent).

The most common specific ad sizes were medium rectangles (300 x 250) at 18.6 percent, leaderboards (728 x 90) at 18.3 percent, and buttons (120 x 90) at 14.7 percent. Interestingly, pop-ups and pop-unders now represent less than 1 percent of all display ad impressions, most likely a function of the pop-up blockers now standard in most browsers. Finally, new OPA ad formats, such as the 970 x 418 pushdown and 468 x 648 XXL box, are just beginning to gain adoption and currently account for only 0.1 percent of impressions.

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