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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Customer Engagement Needs to be Rooted in Cross-Enterprise Commitment

Customer engagement needs to be rooted in a wider cross-enterprise reconsideration of engagement, involving how employees, partners and customers engage, according to new research by Gartner, Inc. Measuring the level of engagement itself is complex and requires examining the active, emotional, rational and ethical attributes that determine the organization’s brand/values.  

Engaged customers are usually better advocates of the brand and are more loyal and more profitable, according to the research. Gartner identified four critical attributes that can help customer relationship management (CRM) leaders to improve their level of customer engagement.
  1. Increase Active Customer Engagement through Social, Mobile, and Traditional Channel Alignment
  2. Build Emotional Customer Engagement through Transparency and Trust
  3. Target Rational Customer Engagement through Greater Customer Participation and Knowledge Availability
  4. Gain Ethical Customer Engagement through Demonstrated Commitment to Fairness with Employees, Partners, Customers, and Community
Read more at: http://loyalty360.org/resources/article/customer-engagement-needs-to-be-rooted-in-cross-enterprise-commitment

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