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Saturday, March 8, 2008

3 Reasons To Ditch Your Microsites

Sean X Cummings, director of marketing for Ask.com, provides his opinion as to why microsites (definition) do nothing more than "suck your time, money and other resources" without moving your brand forward.

"I do not even know where to start with my rant on microsites. They are the bane of the online space, produced by those who do not comprehend the implications of launching them and do not understand the underbelly that they leave behind. They are expensive, they use up agency resources, they become orphans almost overnight, and they are only useful in providing traditional agencies with fodder for winning more business.

So, the agency is personally incentivized to use them. They are containable for the agency, the agency does not have to deal with many of your internal resources beyond marketing, the costs are controllable, and more importantly to them, profitable. But you are not in business to make the agency rich. You are in business to make your company rich on the back of that poor agency. Microsites are one of the few online vehicles where the agency and the client have different goals." Read more.... See also the blog posting Microsites As An SEO Option.

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