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Monday, January 26, 2009

E-Commerce - Improving Conversion

Brian Massey, "Four Guidelines for Behavioral Marketing Newbies," ClickZ. The author interviews Chris Vanderhook concerning guidelines for behavioral marketing: (1) Be proficient with targeting, converting, and measuring visitors from ads. (2) Be interested in people earlier in the buying process. (3) Use ad networks that know your industry. (4) Have the analytics in place to measure behavioral strategies' impact.

Jason Burby, "Using Segmentation to Improve Site Conversions," ClickZ. The benefits of segmentation are: better targeted messages, anticipation of visitor needs, and marketing items of interest. Gives example of with and without an existing cookie in terms of options offered.

Bryan Eisenberg, "The Portable Conversion Analyst," ClickZ. Lists important books in the fields of (1) usability and information architecture, (2) web analytics, (3) copywriting, (4) direct marketing techniques, (5) psychology, human behavior, and persuasion, (6) testing, (7) marketing, branding, selling, and (8) SEO, SEM, social media.

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