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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Google "Retires" AdWords Business Pages for Mobile

Mobile ads are a format of AdWords ads that appear on mobile Web sites, and are available as either text or image ads. Mobile text ads can also appear when users search Google from a mobile device. With either type of ad, users who click on an ad will be sent to a mobile Web page or to a business phone.

AdWords Business Pages for Mobile was a service that allowed businesses to create a simple mobile compatible Web page where people could learn more about their products and services. Users of this service have received notices that the page building service will be shut down on March 23. Google terminated this after just 14 months citing "low usage".

Does this mean that the mobile search ad industry is dieing? No, just a bump in the road.

This service was targeted to small businesses who manage AdWords on their own and don't have a mobile Web page. Many of these businesses prefer the option to connect users to directly to their business phone, which is still available. Larger businesses create their own mobile compatible Web pages.

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