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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twitter Tweaks Title Tag to be on Top

Competition for top ranking of social media sites in Google is heating up. On March 23 Twitter started changing the title tags on the user profile pages. Now instead of “Twitter / username” it says “Full Name (username) on Twitter.” Seems like a small change but as any SEO expert will tell you exact keywords in the title tag can provide a boost for those keywords in the search index.

This follows the announcement last August that Facebook was going to increase the use of vanity URLs. But more than six months later their site still says, “Unfortunately we are not currently able to approve requests for vanity URLs (web addresses). The only Pages that presently have vanity URLs are bands and businesses that partnered with us for the initial launch of this new product. We hope to make these URLs available for everyone to have on their individual Page(s) in the future. When this feature is available, we will provide instructions on how to obtain a vanity URL on this help page.”

Again,SEO experts will tell you that putting keywords in the URL will help a page rank higher for those keywords. Twitter already has the full name in the URL.

So what’s going on? The social media outlets are competing to dominate the top spot for name inquiries in the search engines. The top spot means more traffic and more user trial. So if the social media outlets can now figure out how to generate revenue then this social thingy just might catch on.

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