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Thursday, April 2, 2009

E-Commerce - Enhancing Conversion - Links

Gary Klingsheim, "79 Hot Tips to Increase Site Conversions," Internet Search Engine Database. "Before you start spending more money to generate additional traffic, you need to do as much as you can with the traffic you are already getting", Klingsheim advises.

Phil Leggiere, "Time For An Inbound Targeting Strategy," Media Post. "Customers and prospects that reach out to you are already engaged and paying attention, Leggiere writes. Your opportunity to engage customers and prospects during inbound interactions is much, much greater than pushing a message outbound."

Jeff Sexton, "Saying Something Powerful with Signaling Theory," FutureNow. "To get to your core message (1) strip it down to the core message, but (2) if the stripped down version isn't compelling or unique, you won't be able to fix it with copywriting alone. (3) Even if it's true, people don't have to believe you. (4) Substantiate your claim by proving it -- Action/Signaling Theory. Examples are a free taste test, money back guarantee, etc."

Bryan Eisenberg, "The Power of RFM," ClickZ. "RFM stands for recency (since the last completed action), frequency (number of times the customer has completed the action), and monetary value (total value from completing these actions). RFM ranks customers in relation to each other. By this judge PPC, email, and website campaigns, and design strategies to engage
the high scoring RFM customers."

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