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Monday, May 11, 2009

And The Winner Is... Marketing Excellence Awards

Clickz has announced the winners of their Marketing Excellence Awards for six categories; Ad Management, Analytics, E-mail Marketing Tool, Mobile Marketing Tool, Search Ad Management and Social Media Marketing Platform or Tool.

And the winners of the 2009 Marketing Excellence Awards are...

Winners were judged on four criteria:
1. Ability to help marketers innovate and execute
2. Ability to help marketers measure and achieve goals
3. Ability to integrate with other digital marketing tools
4. Overall approach and category relevance

The solutions that were considered were limited to those who paid for the privilege to be judged so some of the top solution providers are not even mentioned i.e. Google Analytics. While I wouldn't rely on this list for deciding on a vendor, you should at least consider these vendors in your selection process. You may also want to consider last years Marketing Excellence Award winners.

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