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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Age of the Customer Intensifies

To succeed in today's competitive marketing landscape, brands must be customer obsessed. No longer can they simply choose a message and then blast a campaign. Rather customers are choosing, and sharing, their own messages and content, and, essentially, are helping to craft campaigns—with everything from tweets to blogs to videos. “We are in the age of the customer,” said David Cooperstein , VP, research director, for Forrester Research, at the company's Forum for Marketing Leaders in San Francisco.

“And how well you serve them will determine your success.” He said it's simple: Brands that focus solely on company goals, not customers, will be left behind.  At the event, Cooperstein shared how marketers can move beyond traditional messages to customer-centric campaigns.
  1. Create content, not advertising
  2. Understand that customers call the shots
  3. Give customers an experience, not a campaign

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