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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Subtitles Increase Online Video Viewing

So what happens to your response when you place your ad or call to action at the end of an online video? Well a new study found that you better offer subtitles to increases the chance that the video will be viewed to completion thus providing the opportunity for your ad to be seen at the end.

According to the results of a trial study by PLYmedia, Internet users watch 38% more of an online video if it has subtitles or closed captions. Without subtitles, viewers watched 66% of a video, compared with 91% of a video with subtitles. This 38% improvement is significant by any measure.

While only 47% of viewers watched a complete video without subtitles, 84% watched the video to completion when subtitles were added. Subtitles boosted viewing of the entire video by almost 80%.

Or perhaps you need to stick to your pre-roll and overlay ad formats which have been found to be effective.

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